Crime and Public Safety

Sacramento’s rising crime rates and escalating violence demand immediate solutions. Liberal, lenient policies have let criminals commit crimes without facing appropriate consequences. We are hurting our law abiding citizens and businesses. We can make our streets, neighborhoods, and communities safe again! I support:

Enforcing the law:

Props 47 and 57 reclassified hundreds of crimes to misdemeanors, including violent crimes such as assault, human trafficking, drug trafficking and robbery. I support repealing Props 47 and 57, to reclassify violent crimes as felonies to ensure prosecutors are able to secure convictions and get violent criminals off the streets.

Upholding bail:

Cash bail is an important piece of our justice system and prevents criminals from reoffending while awaiting their court proceedings. Maintain bail as a public safety tool to keep dangerous criminals behind bars.

Support Law Enforcement:

“Defund the police” resulted in more crime in our communities. I strongly support law enforcement by ensuring that our officers are well trained, well paid and have the resources they need to effectively do their job.

Support Anti-Gang and Anti-Drug Programs to Protect Our Children:

The gang and drug epidemic is creating an environment of violence, fear and insecurity in our community. Our young people are dying, caught in the crossfire. We need immediate action to remove dangerous drugs like fentanyl and opioids from our streets and prosecute those committing violent crimes with guns to the maximum extent of the law.


Homelessness in Sacramento has increased by 67% since 2019. It is affecting the quality of life and safety in our communities. We have to re-evaluate the policies to reduce homelessness that obviously are not working, despite the millions of taxpayers dollars we have devoted to the problem. It is not humane as a society to leave thousands of Californians to struggle and die on the streets. We need a new approach that addresses the root causes of the problem: drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness and criminal activity.

As your Assemblywoman, I support:

Building Free Campgrounds for the homeless:

Treat people compassionately by providing them with the services that they need to help them on the road to recovery. Safe, secure campsites that provide shelter, sanitary showers, bathrooms, cafeterias, counseling and social services to help them get back on their feet.


Reform the way we treat those suffering from mental health and substance abuse to make it easier for families, social workers, and law enforcement to act on behalf of a person who simply can’t act on their own accord.

Drug courts:

Return to the successful drug courts model which provided the ability of judges to require those suffering from addiction to receive treatment.

Cost of Living

California has some of the highest taxes, fees and expensive regulations in the nation. Housing costs are so high, most young people can’t even afford a down payment, let alone the monthly mortgage payment, even for a modest starter home.

As your Assemblywoman, I will fight to:

OPPOSE ALL legislation to raise property taxes, income taxes, gas taxes and sales taxes. California has a surplus, there is NO REASON to raise taxes, let’s spend more wisely!

SUPPORT an immediate suspension of the gas tax.


California’s public school system ranks #44 in the United States. We are FAILING to teach our students the fundamental skills to succeed in life; reading, writing, math and science. As your Assemblywoman, I will fight to:

SUPPORT Education Savings Accounts:

State funds that parents can use to pay for a wide variety of educational options. Parents should have the freedom to choose how to use their taxpayer dollars to pay for their child’s education: public schools, charter schools, private schools, home schools, online learning, text books, even services and therapies for students with special needs.

ESAs empower parents by giving them the freedom to choose the education option that best meets their children’s individual needs.